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January 28, 2016

The Journey

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January 28, 2016

It has been a crazy week as my book has launched.  And wow what an emotional ride it has been. I felt compelled today to share how I feel. As I sit and ponder about where I have come…I have a feeling of emptiness instead of a feeling of fulfilment that I thought my finished product/book would bring. I thought I would be on cloud nine, excited, enthused and relaxed.  A feeling of being done…accomplished, hitting the finish line.

When I reflect back on how I thought it would feel after writing my book, I imagined feelings of fulfillment and satisfaction about being an author and accomplishing my book. I further imagined the feeling I would have after completing such a big thing that I never knew I had in me to do and WOW what a cool feeling it would be. It is crazy to sit here and open my honesty gates and tell you…It wasn’t my book launch that gave me a cool feeling or a feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment. It was the days leading up to it. With each sentence I wrote, each chapter I closed the door on and the video I produced I could feel my book coming together and my sincere gratefulness for having the abilities to do so. The emotions were in the journey, in the path and in the steps that it took to get me to my final product. It was the design of my front cover and the book bounded together. It was when my first of what would be six more proofs that came home from Staples as a word document bounded in coil; to hold it and see what I had written and feel the weight of it. It was the warm words of encouragement from clients, friends and family and it was with each story I told about my life that I felt another piece of myself reaching my destination. And now that I am here; here where I have always wanted to be; I can safely say it is not about reaching it, it is about the journey. The journey was far more exciting and exhilarating than getting to the top of this mountain, to the completion of my book.

So when we sit here and say as we often can do, I can’t wait for next year or when my children are old enough to do this or that or when winter is over or when the weekend is here…from the wisdom of my heart and soul…enjoy the journey, the stuff you learn along the way. Listen to it and take in what you are seeing and feeling.  Absorb it and understand it.  The people you meet, the conversations you have, the hugs you receive and the warm smiles you give. Embrace the journey…for each day is another day in the book of YOU!

Since my book has been published I have developed an amazing program called Reclaim your Dinner Table in just 6 simple weeks. For those of you who are finding your dinner meals insane…have a picky eater or eaters in the house, nobody eats together, some are fussy, your husband isn’t home and you are cooking a bunch of meals to please palates daily. You are tired of cooking and want to find a better way. Check out what my new program is all about…And with my program you will receive a copy of my book Power of the Table.

Back by popular demand is Freezefest; happening in my home on Wednesday April 6th from 7:30-9:00pm. We will have a great guest speaker and I am offering 5 brand new and delicious recipes to ROCK your freezer. If you are interested please let me know by emailing me at nutrition@highwaytohealth.ca.  Spaces are limited to 12 guests.

You can now grab a book on my website here

If you missed my video on how my book came to be…Check it out here.

Thank you for all of your support!!!

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