February 9, 2016

Picky Eating is the NEW COOL Thing….

Family Table

Here is my latest post:

Just a couple weeks ago at my daughter’s soccer game I could see on the bench from where we were sitting that the parents in front of us were arranging a playdate with their daughters after the game. You could tell they didn’t know each other well. I could see the one mom arranging the car seat and some bags for the playdate. They were chit chatting about pick up times and who could drive home.  It was all loose goosey. They seemed pretty laid back about everything and all was good. Just before leaving with the children the mom asked, “Does Isabella have any food allergies?” (because this is the new norm these days). The dad piped in, “no.” And then continue to say, “but she is a really small eater.” “She is really picky, REALLY PICKY”, he continued to clarify just in case they didn’t hear him the first time. He seemed very concerned that they needed to know this. And it seemed odd that his concern was just coming to the forefront now, as I got thinking about it. What was he even telling these parents? His daughter is picky. What does picky eating have to do with food allergies or better yet, having fun at a play date? The reason why this word is being used so frequently is to protect parents. Parents are forced to understand their child’s pickiness for fear their children won’t eat, won’t grow or in fear their children will get really upset and cause a big embarrassing scene.

At least by telling this family his daughter is Picky they will accept it as this new UNIVERSAL word is recognized and renowned so everyone who encounters a picky eater knows what to do and what to expect.

We have hit a decade of the pickiest of picky eaters and we are accepting it and living with it. We are caught up in the cycle with constant table wars.  Parents are more stressed out about feeding their children than they ever have been before.  We are force feeding, feeling guilty, bribing, giving rewards, punishing, cheering, distracting, disconnecting or getting angry when a child does or does not eat. And furthermore we are now openly labelling our children as picky. And often times we don’t even have to say a thing, we simply just serve these children something different than the others as if they have some clinical disease or something that they cannot eat what the rest of us are eating.

This is a crazy, crazy new phenomena that needs to be made sense of.

See what some moms had to say after taking my NEWEST CLASS; Reclaim your Dinner Table:

After 2 weeks on the program:
“Just to let you know last night I made my favourite meal, which was
oven baked Tilapia (with couscous on the side and corn) and the kids ate it! It was pretty plain, just garlic and lemon and they dipped it
in ketchup but there was not too much grumbling. Luke ate all of his
fish but didn’t care for the couscous, and Lauren ate half of the fish
and all of the couscous.
I was stunned.” Lana ~ Burlington,ON

After one day on the program:
“Dinner last night was the most peaceful and enjoyable dinner we have had in SEVEN years! I am not kidding. Nate was totally into it, he chatted away happily the whole time. He ate 85% of his meal on his own. My husband was in shock! Wished I’d called you 2 years ago when my intuition said to” Jennifer ~ Burlington, ON

“My drive home used to consist of worrying and stressing over what I was going to make once I got home. The rush during dinner prep was agonizing and when it was all done – I was far from hungry, and on my way to a downward spiral of anger and resentment. This program is totally worth the outcome after just one week we have little stress, fewer arguments at the dinner table, and a much more positive experience.” Maggie ~ Burlington

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