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The NEW book by Roslyn Fisher RNCP

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A Different, Honest Approach to Healthy Living, Weight Control and Positive Relationships With Food

Backed by 15 years of RNCP experience, Roslyn’s unique approach is an “anti-diet” - learn how to eat all you want in the right way.
Get inspired! Roslyn brings her powerful concepts and signature down-to-earth style to large group events and seminars.
Roslyn’s new book “Power of the Table” features a Mother’s insight into nutrition and relationship issues facing families.
Roslyn’s program provides the support you need to live the heathier, more fulfilling life than you’ve always wanted.

Healthy Relationships ... With Food. With Family.Roslyn's Philosophy carries through everything we do at H2H.

  • Individual Programs
  • Group Programs
  • Custom Food Planning
  • Picky Eating Help
  • Parent Coaching
  • Corporate Wokrshops
  • Keynote Speaking
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Industry Leading Nutrition Programs for You & Your FamilyWith over 15 years experience in the weight loss industry, and with a degree in Applied Human Nutrition, Roslyn Fisher, RNCP offers a unique, personalized approach to getting healthier, losing weight and holistically changing your family’s nutrition.

Achieve Your Best Self (6 Week Program)
$329 / 6 Weeks
  • Receive 2 one Hour in-person sessions with Roslyn Fisher, RNCP (Face Time or Phone outside West GTA).
  • Identify and conquer your past patterns including emotional eating
  • Education on metabolism, digestion, stress, relaxation and exercise
  • Increase your metabolism, improve bone density and lose unwanted fat
  • Individualized Food Plan (Uniquely created just for you!)
  • A new portion of your plan is introduced every week.
  • Use 100% regular grocery store food … nothing special to buy!
  • Receive FREE chef-quality recipes that were developed by Roslyn Fisher.
  • Weekly group “Power Stroll” with Roslyn (Burlington Area)
  • Join Roslyn Fisher for Yoga classes at local Studios in Burlington and Oakville areas
  • Phone/e-mail/FaceTime support throughout your program from Roslyn
  • Group page online – share and get support from others going through the experience
Reclaim Your Family Dinner Table (6 Week Program)
$329 / 6 Weeks
  • Receive 2 one hour in-person sessions with Roslyn Fisher, RNCP
  • Receive a FREE hardcopy of  “Power of The Table”
  • Identify problems and areas that need attention within your family.
  • Get educated on body image, self esteem and self confidence in children.
  • Be presented with an individual plan that works for your family.
  • Understand how children grow and what fuel they need for proper growth and development
  • Break power struggles with food and your children.
  • Understand your child’s metabolism
  • Feel empowered to make the meals you want to prepare and have your children eat them.
  • Receive a step-by-step plan that is individual to your family and honors each stage of change.
  • Get unlimited support through emails and phone with Roslyn Fisher (RNCP) on a daily basis.
  • Join an online support group run by Roslyn Fisher, RNCP.

Roslyn Fisher ... One of a KindDown-to-earth. Honest. Someone who understands.

Roslyn Fisher, RNCP
Entrepreneur, Author, Speaker

When I see people I don’t see how much they weigh, I see how they feel about themselves.  My approach is all about eating and living the lifestyle that makes you feel amazing in your own skin.  I work with clients to get the basics right and help support them and their families to create heathy relationships with food and healthy relationships with each other around the dinner table.



  • Founder & Owner of H2H
  • RNCP for 15+ Years
  • Mother of 4
  • Accomplished Speaker
  • Author of “Power of the Table”

Roslyn's LatestsPosts, blurbs, videos ... Any way you slice it lots of raw and real stuff to grow on.

January 28, 2016
The Journey

It has been a crazy week as my book has launched.  And wow what an emotional ride it has been. I felt compelled today to share how I feel. As I sit

January 20, 2016

You have followed me on my journey for a year and a half and today is the day my book is here and ready to go….Join me as I illustrate my

January 12, 2016
New Beginnings

Well this week has been full of new beginnings for me. I discovered further that when I allow my children to mess up and learn from their mistakes I

January 2, 2016
My Book is Here

What a year 2015 was for me.  I wrote my first book this past year and as I have come home from my mini New Years vacation away…at my front door

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Roslyn Fisher, RNCP
Entrepreneur, Author, Speaker
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